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This product includes Farm Frenzy Refreshed PC .

The top 3 reasons to play Farm Frenzy Refreshed PC

  1. Farm management : You own a great ranch, but it needs to be cleaned up. Set up a cozy barn for your animals, upgrade warehouses, and get daily bonuses.
  2. Available in 3D : Advanced 3D graphics with dynamic changing of the time of day and lighting for a complete immersion in rural life
  3. Changeable weather and seasons : Forecasters report a sharp change in weather and even the season! On a sunny day, the grass on the level disappears much faster and needs to be watered all the time! And when it rains, the grass grows without water

About Farm Frenzy Refreshed PC

  • From feeding feisty animals to gathering fresh eggs to making delicious pastries, you’ll turn a humble little homestead into a booming agribusiness.
  • You’ll have to stay on your sun-kissed toes, though. As you race to meet your goals on each level, ravenous bears and other animals will try to foil your efforts.
  • But don’t worry; you’ll have the tools you need to deal with each of these beastly brutes.From sunup to sundown, Farm Frenzy is crazy, captivating fun!
  • Make various products, trade with the city, and achieve goals. Use the coins you earn to buy even more animals!
  • Pets can help you drive away predators and collect food. Dogs will protect your animals from bears. And cats will help you gather resources – from eggs to cakes.


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